You'll find that I'm very relaxed during our portrait session. The best expressions simply happen when we're having fun. I combine some traditional posing techniques with your natural personality to create unique and stunning images that you'll adore. Being strictly an on-location photographer allows me to keep each session different and special.

Senior portrait sessions start at 125.
Family portrait sessions start at 75.
Children's portrait sessions start at 35.

The photographing and ordering process is pretty simple at Baseman Studios Photography. Here's the nitty gritty:

In-House Design Consultation
Before we even have our session, I'm available for a complimentary in-house design consultation. It's nice to get an idea of what final products we're looking for before we even start. We can figure out wall spacing, how groupings would look, and what sizes and orientations {vertical/horizontal} would fit best in the space you have to offer. This is a great benefit and can make the ordering session go much more smoothly.

Portrait Session
Of course, then we'll have our awesome portrait session, lasting anywhere from 0.5-4+ hours depending on your needs. The session fee is collected when you book so we don't have to worry about that later. If you should need to reschedule, please kindly give 24+hours notice.

Ordering Session
About 2-3 weeks afterwards, we'll get together again for our ordering session. It's so much fun to look at actual prints while ordering, so we'll be sorting through 5x7 "proofs." It's easiest to have me come to you in your home so we can look at wall spaces, plan for what size of prints you'll need, and keep it convenient for you. Be sure to have some numbers and ideas in mind, as this will be the only ordering time you will have. {PS. The in-home design consultation makes this quite a bit easier!}

Print Order
After we put together an order, I along with my pro lab work my magic and deliver the prints to you within 2-3 weeks. Taking care of orders is simple also. I collect 50% of the total order at the ordering session, and the rest when I deliver your prints to you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
One of the differences between a chain photography studio, such as studios in the mall, and Baseman Studios Photography is the amount of customer service. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality, service, and overall experience!

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